Brian Fielding Informs Commercial Real Estate Investors this Fall of Best Practices

Calculating Market Risk with Mathematical formula

Real Estate Investment Options Comparison is Imperative according to Brian Fielding

Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments shares that there are many different resources for those who are interested in commercial real estate investment. However, these resources oftentimes have conflicting information, or are written by individuals who do not have the 40 years of experience that commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding does. In order to assist these individuals with their efforts in the industry, Mr. Fielding is sharing some of his best practices.

Consider multiple facets of commercial real estate investment.

Brian Fielding shares that one of the most unique and attractive aspects of commercial real estate investment is the fact that there are many different arms of the industry. There is much more to commercial real estate than residential investments. Commercial real estate also includes mobile home parks, office buildings, land development, industrial space and so much more. While Brian Fielding suggests becoming a master at one of these areas before moving on to another one, investors are advised not to limit themselves to just residential offerings, and are encouraged to explore the other types of commercial real estate investment.

Knowing formula is essential.

Commercial real estate investment involves a lot of math. From formulas to determine how much an investor can potentially make on a property, to formulas such as ROI, Cap Rate and IRR, Brian Fielding shares that a successful commercial real estate investor is very well-versed in the math and equations that permeate the industry. These formulas allow the investor to grasp the true value of their investment, and these terms are extremely common. Brian Fielding suggests that anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate become familiar with these terms, so that they are knowledgeable and build credibility with lenders, brokers and other professionals who will be on the look out for how much knowledge they posses.

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