Brian Fielding Shares Best Cities for Office Space Investments in 2015


Brian Fielding Space Investments in 2015


There are many different types of commercial real estate properties that an investor may consider when they are looking to make a purchase that will offer them a profitable return. Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments knows that commercial real estate is always a good investment, but when an individual is starting in or trying to grow in the market, they should focus on one kind of property and learn through experience to be successful managing such a property before they begin to invest in other properties. One of the most desirable property types in commercial real estate is office property, and when an investor is looking for a space to purchase, they should consider the strongest markets for the property type. Here, Mr. Fielding discusses some of the best areas to own office spaces in the coming year.

  1. San Francisco: Brian Fielding reveals that this city has always been a good choice for office spaces, but this year especially it is experiencing very fast employment growth in office related jobs. Additionally there is a high level of new construction projects being conducted in the area as well. Vacancy rates for office spaces are very low and the rent for office spaces is high. San Francisco properties may be more costly than properties in other areas, but these appealing factors still make it a profitable choice.
  2. Pittsburgh: This city has regained over 200% of the office jobs that were lost in the recession leading to a high demand for quality office spaces. Additionally, there is a shortage of these quality spaces in the city so when an investor is able to get such a property, they will face low vacancy rates.
  3. Boston: This city is benefiting from many of the same positive trends that other cities are seeing. However, it is also a good choice for investors because the initial investment for these properties is usually lower than it is in other top cities. There is low competition over quality properties as well so investors are better able to find the best properties to fit their own needs.

When investors are looking for the perfect property to purchase, they must look in the areas that are sure to give them success. The cities listed here by Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments are sure to offer investors a variety of quality properties to choose from and desirable market advantages. For more information go to

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