Brian Fielding Discusses the Popularity of Net-Leased Properties

Brian Fielding, a leader in the industry of commercial, retail, office and  industrial property management shares that over the past several years, there has been a significant growth in investor’s desire for net leased properties across the United States. Having managed properties from coast to coast including properties in Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Mississippi and New York, Mr. Fielding finds that balancing his personal and client portfolio with net-leased properties has balanced the risk and return in a highly satisfactory way.


So what is a net-leased property? A net-leased property is one that has already been developed by others and sold to investors such as Mr. Fielding.  While there is a wide range of offerings, most net investments limit the day-to-day management responsibilities of the Landlord, depending upon the form of the lease. He explained that investors who have interest in assets that are not proximate to their offices often choose absolute net [also known as NNN] or primarily net alternatives … the former placing responsibility for every element of the property onto the tenant.


These properties are so popular, in part, because they are easily financed and provide a reliable return with the assurance of the creditworthiness of the tenant. Brian Fielding shares that the market for net-leased properties has withstood most of the negative and crushing effects that the recession had on other markets and that demand still exceeds supply, particularly for highly credited tenancies.


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